About Window to Wildlife

Window to Wildlife is one of the first company’s in the U.S. to specialize in eagle cam installations. We began in 2018 when our expertise was requested for a special eagle cam installation. Since then, demand for wildlife cameras and technology has increased significantly. As of April 2021, our team has shifted to take on this demand full time.

Lets Get Specific

Project Overview

We manage the full process from start to finish.


Field Survey

What we look for in a Field Survey:

  1. Health and structure of tree & nest
  2. History & biology of the specific eagle pair
  3. Potential hazards to eagles/eaglets & climbers
  4. Access to internet via cable or line of site radios
  5. Access to power via cable or solar power system
  6. Conservation & entertainment value


Plan & Estimate

What to expect:

  • Full tree and nest health assessment
  • Potential risk factors for this specific area. For example: avian diseases, wildlife competition, etc
  • Full plan of install: Are we doing a day or night time install? Are we climbing or using a lift? Are we installing cams in the nest or an adjacent tree? How are we getting power and internet?
  • Detailed estimate includes breakdown of: Cameras, Mics, IR System (Night Vision), Lightning Protection, Networking & Power Systems.


Installation & Configuration

Our top priority is the health and safety of the eagles when building a camera system. We never compromise the eagles or the nest.

If eagles are around the nest year round, we will do the installation at night, so the eagles will not be disturbed.

We use specific camera models that are proven not to disrupt the eagles, as well as custom camouflage for the cameras.



Remote Support

What is included in remote support:

  • Camera Troubleshooting & firmware upgrades
  • Streaming Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Internet & Power Troubleshooting
  • Answer any eagle biological, medical or behavioural questions


Maintenance & Upgrades

Our camera systems survive hurricanes and other extreme weather, but nature is unpredictable and yearly maintenance is advised to reduce any streaming interruptions. 

Once our team conducts a survey, we can give you a good idea of future maintenance needs and costs.

Factors that contribute to maintenance: 

  • Weather events
  • Tree growth speed
  • Nest & tree health

During maintenance, we are happy to do system or camera upgrades as well!

Connor O’Brien

Biologist/Project Lead/Software Dev

Former Eagle Cam Project Lead & Installer at the American Eagle Foundation 2017-2021

Wildlife Rehabber, Trainer, & Conservationist since 2014

Eagle Camera Install
Nick Vichas

Master Electrician/Hardware Dev/Climber

Eagle Cam installer with the American Eagle Foundation since 2016
Owner of Apex Electric est. 2003
Axis Communications Certified

Eagle Camera Install
Doug LaFortune

Board Certified Master Arborist (BSMA)

Eagle Cam installer with the American Eagle Foundation since 2013
Owner of Treewise Consulting LLC
Arborist since 1983

Eagle Camera Install

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