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Angel Canva



The Captiva Eagle’s Nest has been around for over 14 years. It was once an osprey nest and was taken over by a pair of eagles. We believe this original pair of eagles to be Connie & Joe.* *Joe is not the current male, we have not seen joe since(Insert date).* 


Lori Covert, the owner of the land, is an avid wildlife enthusiast and conservationist. She hired Window to Wildlife to install cams in 2018 for private viewing. The first year of the cams, Connie and Joe successfully raised and fledged 2 eaglets named: YoYo & Ma  


In 2019, Window to Wildlife added 2 more cameras to the eagles nest, along with an osprey camera on the same property. (Osprey camera coming soon) In 2019, Connie & Joe had a more difficult season and only had one eaglet named: Captiva.



2020 was a bad year for everyone including the eagles. It was confirmed that the eaglets sadly passed away from rodenticide poisoning. A big thank you to CROW for helping facilitate testing and helping combat the use of Rodenticides on the islands. This is a sad year, but if you want to read some good news on the fight against rodenticide front, click here. (Hyperlink to rodenticides section here)  Later that year, Joe went missing and Connie found a new mate, Martin.



2021 has been a better year for the eagles. We continue to watch the new pair’s bond grow. Connie is an amazing mother, hunter, and protector. We are curious to see how Martin helps Connie hopeful raise more eaglets from this nest.


This camera has had a few great streaming and educational partners in the past. This year Window to Wildlife will exclusively stream the cameras to YouTube. We are partnered with CROW to help provide education and local rodenticide prevention.


Window to Wildlife is always pushing the limits of technology & science. We have transitioned our maintenance and installation techniques for eagles, like Connie and Martin, who stay in the area year round. We only do night maintenance/installations. This significantly reduces the impact on eagles when working on the eagle cams. It is very unlikely that the eagles will fly over to the nest while we are working. More on night installations here. (Hyperlink to night install blog)